Kids Rabbit Shape Area Rug

Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail! The Easter bunny is on his way to most houses this spring season and if your house is on his list, then you might want to start sending out hints for this Kids Rabbit Shape Area Rug. It’s the perfect addition to your son or daughter(s)’ Easter basket(s) that isn’t candy or another game, but something they’re still sure to love. At AlphabetDeal, we’re always on the hunt for products that are super soft, easy to clean, and functional. We’re excited to say Kids Rabbit Shape Area Rug is all three! Kids love fun creatures as pets or playmates. You’ll enjoy watching your child hop along from spot to stop as he or she pretends to be a bunny, or lounges on the soft, fluffy, artificial rabbit fur while they read or color. Kids have an accidental spill? No worries! This happy little critter is machine washable. It’s a win-win for parents and kids! Order one (or more) today for your son or daughter(s)’ Easter basket(s). It’s just as good as candy or games, and adds a fun, fresh twist to any animal-friendly decor.

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