Durable Rubber Indoor Outdoor Door Mats - 18" x 28"

Home is our safe space. It’s a place to rest, hang out with family and friends, get some extra work done or some fun DIY projects. We spend a lot of time at home so it’s important to have a decorated space you can be proud of, which is why this is the ultimate Indoor & Outdoor essential! A decorative mat is the easiest way to add a dash of color to your kitchen or bathroom. It’s good for keeping your feet cushioned while you stand to wash dishes. But who said you had to be limited to indoors? These mats are also great to dress up your front door or porch, make a great rug for your kids to play on, or keep you comfortable while you work in the basement/garage. These Durable Rubber Indoor Outdoor Door Mats - 18" x 28" are truly a lifesaver. They trap dirt and debris to help keep your floors clean, are weather-resistant, and antibacterial. They’re also easy to hose or spot clean, making them the ultimate indoor/Outdoor essential. They come in a variety of colors & styles: Victoria Silver, Victoria Bronze, Cats Silver, Cats Bronze, Valentines Silver, Valentines Bronze, Half Moon Silver, Half Moon Bronze,

Bouque Silver, Bouque Bronze, Water Lily Silver, Water Lily Bronze, Palm Silver, Palm Bronze, Elegance Silver, Elegance Bronze, Aloha Silver, Aloha Bronze, Paris Silver, Paris Bronze, Italy Silver, and Italy Bronze

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