22-Piece Construction Trucks Toy Set For Kids

Looking for the perfect gift for your son or daughter’s Easter basket? We at AlphabetDeal can help! Does your child enjoy working with his or her hands? Do you want a toy that is fun and educational, that will support your child’s cognitive, social, language and motor skills development? 22-Piece Construction Trucks Toy Set For Kids was designed specifically for little ones who love to build things! This all-inclusive set features: construction toys with a crane, a bulldozer, a dump truck, a tractor trailer, a cement mixer, an excavator, a lifter, cautionary signs and more! Allows for an incredible pretend experience that also stimulates your child’s curiosity and creativity, so it’s a win-win! Safe and long-lasting, made with high-quality plastic, these pieces are Non-toxic and free from chemicals or BPA. 22-Piece Construction Trucks Toy Set For Kids is perfect for ages 3+. Grab yours now and who knows, someday your grown up builder/architect may thank you for it.

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