2-Pack Women's Plaid Lounge Pants & Fleece Leggings

How does your ideal Saturday morning look? After finishing a long week at work, and you finally get the morning all to yourself, how do you spend that time? A lot of us would agree that a peaceful day indoors in your comfiest clothing is the best way to get some rest and relaxation. So you snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and some hot chocolate and get as cozy as possible. At Alphabet Deal, we want to help you live out that perfect Saturday morning, so now we have pants that feel soft and move as easily as your body does. The Women's Plaid Lounge Pants & Fleece Leggings ensure that you feel comfortable no matter what. You can choose to wear the plaid lounge pants so that you have a looser fit, or the fleece leggings to let you enjoy a flattering silhouette. No matter what, you'll always maintain the comfort and warmth that you love. Start getting the most out of your precious downtime by picking up this pack at today! At Alphabet Deal, our philosophy is simple: Share, Save, & Give Back. Check us out at

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