12 Pair Alberto Cardinali Limited Edition Men's Colorful Argyle Socks

Work week got you feeling down? Tired of the same old, plain, boring, bland work uniforms or attire? Wish you had something to show off your unique and amazing personality yet still want to maintain a professional appearance in the office? Everyone loves fun socks, so why not spice up your sock drawer with this fun variety pack of dress socks? Made from a Poly/Cotton/Spandex blend, they’re lightweight and breathable, and fit in nearly any size 10-13 shoe. They include 12 uniquely colored and patterned socks, so you’ll be able to mix and match them with nearly any wardrobe style. At Alphabetdeal, we know that even if you love your job, you might still have a bad day once in a while. No worries, it happens to everyone! Fun socks like these are the perfect way to sneak in a little pop of color while still looking like the mature, intelligent professional that you are. Pick up a pack today and enjoy being able to strut your stuff whenever you feel like it. These socks are truly a one of a kind value!

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